My works are expressions of those things in life that bring us joy, pleasure, comfort, and something of mystery. I focus on the quiet beauty of everyday objects in the home to the most powerful expression of life, the human form itself. Everyday objects shown in a new light can awaken our memories, or --with objects from other cultures-- inspire a view to a world that we may have only seen through books or film. With the human form, I hope to bring glimpses of real and imaginary personalities in moments of reflection and reverie, at play, or asserting the sum of their view of life.
The focus of my work is to bring my imagination to the forefront, wherein I may communicate a concrete view of something intangible within myself.
        I enjoy working in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, and printmaking. This allow me a variety of modes of expression which I find exciting and stimulating which I feel comes out in the work itself.
        It has been my constant goal to create works that stimulate a "conversation" between the viewer and the figures or objects within my works. As the creator of the works, I suppose I am in some way present in these "conversations", which allows me to share something of myself with the world around me.


Mayumi Takagi